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Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Treatments.

Kidney stones have become a very common but painful condition making people panic.

According to National Kidney Foundation surveys, it is estimated that one in ten people will have a kidney stone at some time in their lives. In India, as per statistics, approximately 5 -7 million patients suffer from Kidney stones and at least 1/1000 need hospitalization.

In many patients, 80% reoccurrence of Kidney stones is observed even after removal by different treatments. The incidence of people getting Kidney stones appears to be increasing in the modern world due to changes in living conditions, food habits, lifestyle, etc.

The quest for finding a solution for Kidney stones has been there for centuries. Ayurveda, known for its rich science, is the safest and best choice for treating any disease as well as preventing the reoccurrence of the disease in a natural way. Kidney stones, their causes, types, and treatments are explained in detail in chapter Ashmari.

Ayurvedic Kidney stone treatments can give you an excellent results in a very short period. The combination of exclusive herbs that dissolve kidney stones naturally is part of the medicines.

We believe our duty does not end just in treating Kidney stones alone but advising patients on how to prevent further recurrence.

Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Treatment